Accessories for bassoon reeds and canes "Feroleto Selection"


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  • Pumice Stone


    Our pumice stone comes from the Stromboli volcano and its processing requires almost a year of time. After the harvest the pomice stone is subjected to various processing stages in which it is dried in the sun in a completely NATURALway, as to ensure that the properties of the stone remain intact in order to achieve excellent quality.
    The pumice stone is used by wiping it on the tip of the reed creating a tiny dust inside of it that dampens the vibrations and creating in this way a darker sound that better blends with the sound of the archs.

  • Brass wire 0,6mm 50g


    This cooked brass wire is ideal for assembling the reed as its degree of cooking guarantees a very good seal of the blowpipe but at the same time its softness does not throttle vibrations.

  • Pointed flat diamond file


    The pointed flat diamond file is a very long lasting precision professional file

    The thickness and softness of the grain, together with the possibility of using the file on all 4 sides, make it ideal for the scrap both the tip of the reed and the entire scoop.