Tsang Shien Yung
Principal Bassoon presso Macau Orchestra and
teacher of Conservatory and University of Macau.

I am very happy to have tried Feroleto's reeds. They are made with great care, and the material is well seasoned. The reeds are ready and with a nice sound. Thanks Matteo. Good job!

Paolo Guelfi
First Bassoon Orchestra Fondazione Arena di Verona

Some time ago I had the chance to try, almost by chance I would say, the Feroleto cane. From the beginning I was very impressed by the quality that characterized it. I therefore wanted to understand if it was a fortuitous event or this quality, which had struck me, was a characteristic of the material. I did not take long to see the very high standard. Considering my professional needs, I do not hesitate to say that the cane of Matteo Feroleto is positioned, in my opinion, among the best in terms of sound quality, homogeneity in all the sound range, but also soft and rich at the same time harmonica. Basically a real quality cane to achieve excellent reeds, both for students and professionals. I would like to add that Matteo is a very professional and highly available person, a quality that I have been able to appreciate directly, having had the necessity of confronting him with him precisely for what concerns some modifications experimented on the material. I thank Matteo and I wish him and all his staff to continue on this path, because I know it will be long and tiring, but also rewarding and full of satisfactions.

Gabriele Screpis
First bassoon soloist with the Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

I find the cane for bassoon Matthew Feroleto very interesting
both for the objective quality of the material, a compact fiber,
a natural and correct seasoning and precise processing,
both the yield in its use, good sound, intonation and high
success rate.
Thank Matthew for his work and I would, without a doubt,
to recommend the use of its material.

Francesco Bossone
1st bassoonist of the National Accademy “ Santa Cecilia” uses Feroleto’s reeds

I had the pleasure to try both the Feroleto’s shaped reed canes  and the Feroleto’s reeds
I must say that the reeds are well manufactured with the right size and thickness, are very consistent between the registers (bass and treble notes), easy to play and with an always ready attack.
The sound quality is also very good with a interesting timbre and all this also benefits to intonation.
I built myself reeds with Feroleto’s wood and I found the same characteristics as above.
In conclusion I would say ......
Congratulations to Matteo Feroleto for the high level reached and the hard work done so far .... good luck .... and go on like this.
Francesco Bossone

Giorgio Mandolesi
Basson Super Soliste Orchestre de Paris - France Professeur Basson Historique CNSMDP Conservatoire Natinal Superieur de usique et de Danse de Paris - France Professor ZHdK - Zurcher Hocschule der Kunste - Zurich - Switzerland"  USES CANNA FEROLETO

I had the chance to try the shaped reed canes and reeds produced by Matteo Feroleto on several occasions!
I find the work of Matteo on the gouged, tempered and shaped cane, very, very interesting!
The quality of material (due to a excellent selection and manufacturing) is always very high and thus allows to obtain an extremely high level of yield!
The expertise in the work of the material is timely and effective: excellent!
In the finished product, I find that the reeds Feroleto are very, very interesting not only for those who do not really manage the construction and finishing technique and so  feel "forced" to use it,  but also for professionists who cna find in this great finished product an help to manage the daily difficulties of their work!
Matteo continue so good!
Giorgio Mandolesi

1st Bassoonist of the “ Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” uses Feroleto’s reeds

The reeds for bassoon Feroleto are of a really high quality. Very uniform and compact in the fiber these reeds give a very constant result: the timbre is round and
dark but with a core always full and rich of color. The percentage of success of the reed is very high, thanks to a natural aging and a favorable climate.
I thank Matteo for providing satisfating material  and whose excellent result fully justifies the time it takes in processing the reed.

Stefano Vicentini

1st bassoonist of the “ Opera di Roma” uses Feroleto’s reed

 I had the chance to try Feroleto’s goods and I reccomend to everyone to try it. It is a wood that has interesting qualities both in the sound that in the consistence of the fiber.
Moreover, the important thing in that, even after some days, the readiness of emission does not change at all.
Eliseo Smordoni

First Bassoon solo player at the “ Orchestra della Toscana”
Professor of bassoon at the “ Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali P. Mascagni di Livorno”

I had the chance to try Feroleto’s shaped and tempered reed cane ad I appreciated the important characteristics.

The consistence,the quality of the fiber and the manufacture led to have a very good timbre and equilibre  of the sound and a great precisions as regard the attack and the intonation.
The flexibility of the material gives the opportunity to manage the dynamics, the timber and the sonority with effectivness.
A really great discovery, congratulations to Matteo Feroleto!
Paolo Carlini

Principal Bassoon BBC phil. & Bassoon
Professor Royal College of Music (RCM), London.

I recently used Feroleto’s shaped reed cane for my reeds and I can observe with an immediate satisfaction a quality of a smooth, warm and free sound!
With this reed cane it’s possible to meet the goal in a short time and the value for money is great!
Roberto Giaccaglia

Member of the Swiss Chamber Opera

Hello Matteo I ordered 50 pieces of shaped reed cane. The package arrived in a week, and the canes where well packed. No cracks, just well handcrafted reeds. After finishing some reeds, I was blown away, how this wood sounds like. I play an old Heckel with platinum Leitzinger bocal, and I'm always searching for some good quality reeds with very dark sound. I only needed to sanding a bit off the tip. Then the Sound opened up. It was magical. Then I used the pumice stone, that I ordered with the reeds. I am not an expert, but I think it closes the pores of the reed, and it makes the reed sounding INSTANTLY like an already "broken in" reed. I never believed in miracles, but this little piece of stone does the trick.I recommend the Ferolato reeds to the all professional bassoonist, because the reeds are not expensive, perfectly shaped and scraped (not only on the tip, but overall!), and dark sounding.  I am Mihaly Fliegauf, swiss-hungarian bassoonist, member of the Swiss Chamber Opera. I am the contrabassoonist of the Madera Fagottquartett, and the bassoonist of the Aircraft Winds

Jacopo Cristiani

Substitute Solo-Bassoon/Solo Contrabassoon Philharmonic Orchestra of the Cottbus State Opera, Germany

I have been lucky enough to try Matteo Feroleto's cane since its inception almost ten years ago and I have been immediately positively impressed. The quality and precision of the scraping, the full and rich sound combined with a very affordable price are constants that have remained unchanged over the years; furthermore Matteo is always very kind and attentive to the needs of every single bassoonist, with the option of customizing the cane and the finished reeds down to the smallest detail. I really like the new website with the introduction of the hardness selector, the baroque bassoon and contrabassoon cane and the innovative semi-finished and fully finished cane, which I highly recommend if you have little time to make reeds. Congratulations to Matteo!